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PhD courses at Information Coding

We give a number of PhD courses, see below.

Course Contact HP Date
Information Theory Onur Günlü 6+3 HT 2023, VT 2013, HT 2009
WACQT Lab Course Guilherme B Xavier   HT 2023
Foundations of Quantum Mechanics Jan-Åke Larsson 6 VT 2023, VT 2022, HT 2012
IT-forensics Robert Forchheimer 4 VT 2018
Seminar on Clifford’s Geometric Algebra Robert Forchheimer 1 VT 2021, VT 2016
Device Modeling and Circuit Design for Organic Thin-film Transistors Deyu Tu 6 VT 2015
Quantum Information Theory Jan-Åke Larsson 6 HT 2014, HT 2010, VT 2005
Computational Photography with GPU Computing Ingemar Ragnemalm   VT 2014
Optical Communication & Networking Ajmal Muhammad 6 VT 2014
Seminar series on Systems and Developmental Biology Robert Forchheimer   VT 2012
Advanced Video Coding      
Motion estimation in images      
Wavelet coding      
Mathematical models and methods for analysis of image sources      
Speech and Audio Coding      
Network Calculus      
GP/GPU signal processing      

There are also other PhD courses at ISY.